San Francisco Vacation

This last week we were able to go to Oakland and San Francisco to visit Shane's parents.  They are serving a mission there (their third one!) and have an extra room, so we decided to hop on the band wagon and take a trip!  I've got lots of pictures...some of them from my phone and some from my DSLR...and some that Jonathan took! So here's our trip recap :)

Sunday we went to church and the visitor center.  The Oakland LDS Temple is closed for cleaning and some renovations outside so we couldn't go up and walk around.  But it's still a beautiful place!

Monday we drove to Muir Woods and hiked around.  If you've never been it's a great place but GO EARLY... I planned it for a Monday so maybe it wouldn't be so busy with locals.  When we left about 11:30 the parking was down the road at least a mile!  I'm glad we got there when we did. It was hard enough with Emma.  We did the basic boardwalk and the trail that goes up just above it and then back to the start which was about 3 miles total when you add the walk to the car.  For lunch we packed a cooler and drove to Muir Beach. The kids had fun and we only stayed about an hour.  We drove back over the Golden Gate Bridge but by that time of day it was impossible to park and we didn't want to wait for someone to pull out so we didn't stop :(

Monday night we went to a Giants game. We took Shane's dad and his mom watched the girls.  We had a fun time riding the ferry and watching the game. Except halfway through the bottom of the 1st inning Sean said, "When are they actually going to start the game?"  Hahaha! He couldn't see over the people very well and I had to point out where the stats were and the jumbo tron so he could see what's going on!  We had the cheap seats in center field but it was still a good game to watch (along with a few goofy drunks and someone getting kicked out of the park).

Tuesday was THE beach day! Next time we go to California we're just spending the whole week on the beach... the kids love it and it's cheap! Just don't forget the sunscreen and baby powder :)  

We drove to Pigeon Point Lighthouse...because who doesn't love a lighthouse?! Come to find out...the kids! We all walked out to the viewpoint, took a few pictures and walked back to the car.  Oh well, I got a great picture out of it!

Wednesday we were up bright and early... 5:45 am to be exact!  We had early bird tickets for Alcatraz, purchased three months ago!  Because we had the early tickets we had to catch the early ferry to the Ferry Building and then walk 1 mile to Pier 33.  We were out the door by 6:30 and on our way!  This is one thing that I would do in San Francisco, but it's something you have to plan for way in advance.  They only have a limited amount of standby tickets!

I was impressed with how much Sean got into it! I had to keep watching for him to take off because he was always ahead of us on the audio tour!  He loves facts and he soaked it all up!

After Alcatraz we walked along the pier and ate lunch. We went to the Maritime museum and the kids walked around all the old restored boats.  The best $10 we spent since the kids were free!  We went to Ghiradelli and bought some outrageously expensive chocolate.  Shane was done for the day so he took the girls and walked back to the pier where we would catch the ferry.  Then I took the boys on the steepest walk they've ever been on!  We walked up Hyde Street to the top of Lombard Street!  

By the end of the day we were wiped out!  We were grateful for Grandma Perry making us dinner!  We cleaned up and got ready to leave the next day.  We stopped by the Mission Home on our way out on Thursday to say goodbye and drop off the keys.  We had a great trip and were glad that Grandma and Grandpa put up with us!