Shick Family | Utah County Family Portraits

So my niece is in town and it's always a party when she comes!  Talk about sass!!  I love her to death and I'm so glad she came to visit us on Sunday!  When she comes she has a million people to see between family and friends and I'm glad she made time for us! Our kids are kind of the same age so it's fun to watch them play.  Her boys are getting old enough that they remember us and their cousins!

I did their pictures a few years ago but every other time they come it's so hard to plan anything because her husband is usually only here for a day or two and has to go right back to work.  This time he had the whole week!  She said she was glad I suggested it this time because she didn't think she could fit it in, but she was so glad that she did!  

Since we're leaving town I told her I wouldn't get these done until we got back, but I decided to just do it all last night! I was up way too late, but now I can focus on packing all day and not have these fun pictures pulling me away!  So... here's my faves!  Enjoy!