Morford Family | Utah County Photographer

Alisa was anxious to get family pictures done before the BYU footbal game that Marsh was going to in Houston but the schedules didn't work out. Then the game was rescheduled and he ended up not going so we were able to squeeze in an hour before kickoff on Saturday :)  Priorities, right?!!!

I'm glad we were able to make this happen. Chris just returned from his mission in Ghana.  He had a lady make skirts for all the of the girls, and ties for the boys.  They turned out fabulous!

Megan turned eight years old!

My first mini me! I can't believe she is already eight!  This year has been kind of surreal and special occasions like this have just snuck up on me.  But I finally got her baptism dress finished.  It was touch and go there when I tried it on her and had to cut out three inches from the back and put the zipper back in :)

Yesterday we went to my brother's house that has the most beautiful, grass filled back yard.  I wanted to wait a little longer for sunset but Megs was getting tired of waiting.  

Taylor Family | Utah County Family Photography

Be warned there is a photo overload coming!  I can't believe how many pictures I love from this session!  

Heather is a year older than me so I knew her a little in high school.  Heather is one of the happiest people I know!  Her oldest, Trevor, is a year older than my oldest, Jonathan, and both are in band.  Trevor said Jonathan is a traitor since he switched from trumpet to baritone!  All in jest, he's a good kid!  They are both great kids and love to tease each other.  Em kept laughing and giggling at everything! This was a lot of fun Heather, I'm glad I got to know your kids a little bit.