Megan turned eight years old!

My first mini me! I can't believe she is already eight!  This year has been kind of surreal and special occasions like this have just snuck up on me.  But I finally got her baptism dress finished.  It was touch and go there when I tried it on her and had to cut out three inches from the back and put the zipper back in :)

Yesterday we went to my brother's house that has the most beautiful, grass filled back yard.  I wanted to wait a little longer for sunset but Megs was getting tired of waiting.  

Halloween Costumes

Maybe I spend too much time making costumes but it's really fun for me and the kids love the results!  Look at those smiles! I got the finishing touches on Emma's Friday afternoon and was able to get some pictures of the kids (sans Jonathan!) before Trick-or-Treating on Saturday! Note to self: Next year... no glitter! It's never coming out of the van!